Eyeliner Tips & Guide

Eyeliner is essential for people who have small eyes. With eyeliner, even the smallest eyes can appear substantial. Implementing eyeliner requires some technique though. The line drawn should not be overly dim and unpleasant.

There are various kinds of eyeliner in the shops nowadays. The 3 kinds are namely liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and gel sort eyeliner.

All three types of eyeliners work in exactly the same manner merely the liquid and gel type is less hassle-free in the sense that you will not need to sharpen your eyeliner. Some people will choose to possess the pencil type for better grip as they find it simpler to draw their lines as though drawing on paper.

First, choose the type of eyeliner you want to work on. Usually I recommend the liquid eyeliner as the fine point makes it easier for beginners to draw the eye line. If you want to find out more about smudge proof eyeliner visit this page.

Hold the skin of your upper lid taut. Apply the liquid eyeliner beginning from the inside corner of the eye to outward. Try to implement a light stroke.

If you’re just beginning on using eyeliner, you may confront problems in drawing a fine line through. If so, you may want to divide your line into two segments. Draw from the inner corner of the eye to the middle then finish off from the middle to the end.

Don’t forget to maintain your line as near to the lash line as possible to produce an all-natural appearance!

And in case you ought to fail during your first attempt, don’t deter. As they say, practice makes perfect, after a couple of trials, you’ll be nearly as good as a master.

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